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Soil Calculator Example

  This is how the calculator will look both in the Android and iOS apps or

the page that's embedded into your website or portal.

This will allow your customers to configure their custom soil blends on your website, a site that they are already comfortable with. If you prefer to send out the custom link to your portal you can do that too, whatever makes it the easiest for you and your customers.

  Please Note:

If there are different inputs or additives that you currently use that aren't on the calculator, please let us know so we can have them added under your profile.

First the customers choose their base components that add up to 100%

Once the 100% turns green, then you add the number of yards they you want.

Calc example 2.png

Then add all of the nutrients for their custom blend & a pre-shipping price is displayed.

As the customer fills out their information, pricing & delivery options will appear.

Once the payment information is processed a confirmation e-mail or text will be sent to the customer.


When the order has been processed & delivery has been taken by the customer you will recieve a confirmation e-mail. This will have your commission amount that will be deposited into your account per payout guidelines (not to exceed 4 weeks).

Its as easy as:




Get Paid

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