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Sell Your Custom Blend...

Not Theirs.

For years you've sold bags of soil simply because they've been sucessfully marketed to customers and not because of the qualityof the soil. Some famous artist, a new age design, free swag giveaways luring growers to use inferior products that are mass produced with little focus on quality.
You are in the industry and know what soil combinations have been successful for your customers now you can put that experience to work with SoilCalc. Your customers can now get a premium soil with your name on the outside and your reputation on the inside. With our soil testing option you and your customer have the comfort of knowing whats in every bag.

We offer 1.0-3.0 Cubic Ft Bags

(in pallet quantities)


Custom Labeled

1yd, 2yd, & 3yd Totes

(minimum order req)

When ordering simply choose the custom label option, configure your custom soil blend, upload your company logo, & set a delivery date. Once payment is recieved you will get order & delivery date confirmation via e-mail, it's that easy!

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